An Influencer Marketing Blog | How to collaborate with influencers B2B for your marketing campaigns ?
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How to collaborate with influencers B2B for your marketing campaigns ?

If your read our blog often, you know how efficient influence marketing is on consumers. Advertisers had been using this promoting method for a few years now. But what about brands whose clients are companies and that would like to promote their products or services? Well you should know that there are also influencers for that kind of marketing, and the market is actually growing.


In this article, we will tell you everything about the B2B influence marketing and on how to work with influencers specialized in this field.

B2B or B2C influencers : what is the difference?

Before we start, it is important for you to distinguish B2B influencers from B2C influencers in order to understand their role and what they can bring you.

B2C influencers (usual ones) are KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) and allow advertisers to promote a product or a message to a wide audience. B2C market is based on two key points : the empathy of the influencer and the honesty of his message, not necessarily his expertise. Actually, 92% of the consumers are more sensitive to people recommandations rather than brands advertising.

B2B influence marketing follow the same rule, compagnies indeed tend to follow more easily advices from an influencer whose experience in the sector they promote supports the authenticity of his message. B2B influencers are not necessarily popular persons on Instagram but KOL experts of a sector : journalists, executives, or even CEOs very active on LinkedIn and specialized on one particular field in which their professional experience give them a real credibility. Here, the expertise is key.

Benefits brought by the influencers for your B2B marketing

Now that we know who are the B2B influencers, let us talk about the benefits you will get as a B2B advertiser by working with them to promote your brand.

First, they offer a point of view unique and external to your compagny, which will have slightly more impact on your target. As a KOL of the profesional environnement, they permit a better highlight for your marketing content and a better highlight for you. B2B influencers also give you access to their professional network and thus they introduce you to new contacts that you would not have reached on your own. Also, their expertise will help you to find out if there are issues with your audience and it will give adequate answers to your target.

Which kind of collaborations you can do with B2B influencers ?

Collaborations with B2B influencers can take many forms. Most of the time, it’s a post (text, video, even photo) publicated on a social medium in which the influencer shares his experience or expertise during an event organized by your company. As shown in the graph below, the most used network is obviously the one of professionals : LinkedIn.

Nevertheless, you can carry out B2B campaigns on Twitter and Facebook, the two other networks most used by companies. Professional blogs are also safe for promoting your brand because they have enough credibility with consumers to influence their buying choices.

To sum up, here is the type of content that it’s possible to have with B2B influencers :
– A testimony
– An article
– An interview
– A video
– A photo
– A (web) conference

Finally, B2B influence can also be good for your recruitment phases. General Electric did use the Lenny Letter blog, written by the feminist Lena Dunham, to recruit and encourage women to enter the tech industry. For more examples of successful B2B campaigns, feel free to read the great article by InfluencerMarketingHub.

You have now the B2B marketing bases ! As the best is always yet to come, we are pleased to announce that our influence platform Influence4brands will soon integrate LinkedIn among the available networks to make B2B campaigns with B2B influencers on Facebook, Twitter or blogs !